Laser Hair Removal


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Laser Hair Removal


6 Sessions on a Small area for $600   $300
6 Sessions on a Medium area for $1150  $500
6 Sessions on a Large area for $1700  $700
Valid Treatment Areas


Small Areas Medium Areas Large Areas

• Chin
• Ears
• Lips
• Midbrow


• Bikini
• Cheeks
• Feet
• Hands
• Sideburns
• Underarms
• Forearms

• Brazilian bikini
• Face
• Neck
• Lower Legs
• Thighs
• Back
• Chest



Pre-Treatment Instructions:
◊ Refrain from tweezing or waxing hair 4-6 weeks before and during treatment, as to allow contact between the laser and the hair follicle.            
◊ Shave affected area one week before treatment.
◊ Refrain from taking Retinol or Acutane 4-6 weeks before first treatment.
◊ If you have a sun tan, you will need to wait 2 full weeks before starting hair removal treatments, to prevent hyper pigmentation. You will also need to refrain from sun tanning during the treatment process.
◊ It is acceptable to start treatments during your mentrual cycle.

During  Laser Hair Removal Treatments:
◊ Skin should be free of dirt, makeup or lotion to help the laser effectively reach the hair follicle.
◊ If you are more than 5 minutes late to your appointment we will be forced to cut back your treatment time that day, or reschedule you for a different time.
◊ A carbon dye may be applied on lighter colored hair during your treatment and may stain skin. If so, you may use a lufa sponge in the shower and excess should not remain.  
Things to do to improve results:
◊ You may experience some redness on the treated area which is completely normal. Apply Aloe to help sooth and calm treated area.
◊ Wear clothing that exposes target areas as much as possible.
◊ Wait at least 24 hours before wearing cosmetics, swimming or using a hot tub.
◊ Affected area may take 6-12 treatments as new hair follicles grow. Treatments should not be scheduled earlier than 14-21 days following previous session. 


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